New Tribe art’s development



Who we are?


New Tribe Arts Development social enterprise is a collective artistic platform bringing together artists and community groups in order to promote and celebrate cultural diversity, spiritual coexistence and social inclusion using art as a tool of expression, giving communities a voice while facilitating the development of local artists with in numerous projects such as music festivals, art exhibits, radio and video production, etc.



What we do?


Our Objective is to generate change not only at a personal level but also having an impact in the society that surrounds us, development through art, where art works as a tool of expression, and expression being the starting point of social inclusion, where the individual is free and encouraged to project his views of a fairer and egalitarian world.


Our services are created to provide essential social skills that will allow our participants to understand and live a meaningful social and personal life, where all individuals count for their personal talent and contribution. Every person deserves a place where they feel like they belong, they feel respected, supported, special, and encouraged to be who they want to be.  Especially in culturally diverse settings, at New Tribe Arts Development we want to use ART to create and support a community of individuals that are proud of the things that make them different.



Why we do it?


In New Tribe Arts Development we see Diversity and inclusion as multi-dimensional solutions to multi-dimensional problems such as radicalization, gangs, lack of belonging, racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, homelessness etc. with widespread benefits at all levels of society.


Social exclusion is driven by a complex interplay of demographic, economic, social and behavioral factors that are linked and mutually reinforcing. It is cumulative and often intergenerational.


Having this in mind and with members that have also experienced what it is like to have social, cultural and communicational barriers we have come up with a plan to empower and inspire the poorest and most vulnerable communities and individuals. We need to educate the next generations to champion social inclusion, spiritual cohesion and the celebration of individuality if we are to leave a legacy for the future.